Marty bought the (2nd) best Subaru ever made

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There's one particular car that gets the juices of Subaru fan boys bubbling and that is a 2 Door STI. Not to be confused with the highly collectable and way more expensive 22B, this Version 5 STI is the newest addition to the Mighty Car Mods Garage, it's far from perfect, which makes it perfect to modify! Today we take it for a test drive around the track.
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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods - Måned siden
Is it too nice to modify?!
Para Noid
Para Noid - Måned siden
no the valve of the car will be lost by modes try to get it stock sell it in 15-20 year for dobble or trippel the price and by a ferrarie :/
Rewi Napier
Rewi Napier - Måned siden
Yes! But in saying that, You could always disconnect front diff assembly and make it rwd imagine all that torque going to the rear lol.
Scott Berry
Scott Berry - Måned siden
Don't touch it
Aspiring to Inspire
Aspiring to Inspire - Måned siden
Full send
SkippyChompy - Måned siden
Raise it a bit, but keep it stock please.
Jaiden Gamble
Jaiden Gamble - 2 dager siden
I couldn't stop cringing when they touched the car
Adam W
Adam W - 2 dager siden
The new subaru wrx sti should also be in a coupe
RWSJames5 - 5 dager siden
You found Bunta Fujiwara's car!
l y m a x
l y m a x - 5 dager siden
Ahaha “ I never really thought anything about it because I preferred a Nissan that smelt of bong smoke, sweat and soy sauce” 😂😂
Scotty Mills
Scotty Mills - 7 dager siden
How do I remove alarm
lindsay brown
lindsay brown - 7 dager siden
Mates got a 22B its a pretty cool car goes like a shower of shit and rides on rails..... got the brantz system in my B4 I dont understand what all the fuss is about it works really well. I replaced the key pad which has a battery in it when I bought it never had trouble with it for the last 6 years. Nice purchase Marty
GMT {FS} - 11 dager siden
My father in laws got a P1, absolute beauty
arron Singh
arron Singh - 11 dager siden
Love this Subaru
Emmanuel Cox
Emmanuel Cox - 12 dager siden
simon lloyd
simon lloyd - 12 dager siden
I sold my wide body Type R last year to a company who raffled it off as a prize. It was amazing only 34k miles on the chassis but a forged engine pushing out 420hp with the 6 speed box. Interior was unmarked and it had the Lamco gauge set and boost pod... It was mental.
Deniz Tarkan Ozmen
Deniz Tarkan Ozmen - 16 dager siden
What are some good looking reliable and cheep cars in Australia for my new car but I’m only 13
SaiGonEz WRX-APBT - 17 dager siden
All time dreamcar 22b and this.Remember the Osmans Racing bro had a green one with the tiger on the side
willskijza80 - 18 dager siden
9:37 ahhhh those coupe long doors. Hope you have a clear garage set up
BlaziN Gaming
BlaziN Gaming - 21 dag siden
I'd put this in 3rd place with the type ra model in 2nd :)
Skela - 24 dager siden
Bing smoke, sweat and soy sauce, ah... the trifecta
yung_ kamzz
yung_ kamzz - 26 dager siden
How much was it
Dishan Eranti
Dishan Eranti - Måned siden
looks lit
Jim The Raspberry
Jim The Raspberry - Måned siden
The 22B is obviously the best Impreza, but you’re way off on that lump being a close second. If there were to be a close second, it would be the Prodrive produced road-going Imprezas. The GM8/GC8 is the best looking of the standard bunch though, I’ll give you that. Glad you didn’t buy that horrible pigmy Impreza or that frog-eyed monstrosity. I think they were all pissed when they designed those two. Too much saki with the afternoon noodle, I suspect. Bloody executives!
Jim The Raspberry
Jim The Raspberry - Måned siden
P.S. no rattles? You want to wipe the spunk out of your ears Moog, they rattled and squeaked straight from the factory! To claim that an old girl like this doesn’t rattle or squeak is absolute nonsense-gobbledygook-horseapples. Either that or the previous owner filled every available space with concrete. How dare you say such moronic things in front of a massive audience, some of which will know full well the sound effects that come free with any and every Impreza. While we’re on about sound effects, why do you make music that sounds like Alvin And The Chipmunks making a comeback record??
spacehost vfl
spacehost vfl - Måned siden
Can't watch this as my two door sti got stolen. Too much.
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn - Måned siden
Are you guys in Tassy? That looks like Baskerville Raceway near Glenorchy!!
Garage It Yourself
Garage It Yourself - Måned siden
That's amazing you found an unmodified example out of only 400 ever delivered to Oz. Looking forward to what you have planned for this one :)
Kevin Ip
Kevin Ip - Måned siden
That is so clean... oh my goodness!
mr2cqql - Måned siden
I'll take this one over the new model.
okow tina
okow tina - Måned siden
been after one of these since i seen it in initial D series nearly 20 years ago..
evo - Måned siden
The only Subaru I would buy, 22B.
MK and LM Hampshire
MK and LM Hampshire - Måned siden
STI?? Isn't that a infection?
okow tina
okow tina - Måned siden
i wish i had a friendship like you guys do lol yall are awesome!!!
Victor Given
Victor Given - Måned siden
Open deck block, gearbox made of butter.
Moe DaMan
Moe DaMan - Måned siden
You can actually turn off anti hijack mode. I use to turn them off alot of the time for customers. How do i know? I done my apprenticeship there. Worked on wrx and sti's all the time. Became the wiz. Good cars would love a 2 door.
Brian Norris
Brian Norris - Måned siden
3rd best* the 2nd best is the P1
madlangel - Måned siden
Haha yep those alarms
Graves - Måned siden
Sweet bro !! Love that you are having a true 90s experience with that alarm !!
Solar - Måned siden
whats the 1st best subie then?
SHANNON SA - Måned siden
You dont get hijacked in Australia.... What rubbish are you talking Martin?
GOOSE BALL - Måned siden
The P1 and RB5 are both higher up the impreza food chain than this, not just the 22B. These were 10 a penny in the UK.
Time To Play?
Time To Play? - Måned siden
Ahhh... the days of ridiculous anti-theft devices... not fond memories
Corey Bol
Corey Bol - Måned siden
Just found your page 🤩. You guys are awesome and this video is hilarious 😂😂😂. I love the security mod that shut down the track 😂. Help me turbo my 2019 Forester 😁😁😁.
Mike3n Ent.
Mike3n Ent. - Måned siden
Yo dudes, MCM ! Do you love animals ? How about a Kangaroo angry face with a cap backwards and a koala with a cap and sunglass on for new stikers ? Or maybe you can produce new t-shirts with those faces out from the window of your cars collection.... MADE IN AUSTRALIA. 💯🔛🔝
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex - Måned siden
Creative Space
Creative Space - Måned siden
Hahahah no no no I'm not going to do it
Things You Might Like
Things You Might Like - Måned siden
When Martin got out of the car and walked around, for a split second I thought he was getting back into the drivers seat and not the passenger. #merica
Kombiburner - Måned siden
Gorgeous car!
Casey Shinabargar
Casey Shinabargar - Måned siden
i wish i had a friendship like you guys do lol yall are awesome!!!
Musty Alhashmi
Musty Alhashmi - Måned siden
Make more content on this gem
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Måned siden
You’s two are definitely making lockdown a lot better for us 🔥
roland hazuki
roland hazuki - Måned siden
Bunta sending tofu & ae86 killer 👍
Benjamin Reidy
Benjamin Reidy - Måned siden
Ok what's the new idea for this car ?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - Måned siden
Wait what? An STI with no rattle inside? Unbelievable! Then again, they creak and rattle way more at -20C with the plastics shrinking.
Touching Cloth
Touching Cloth - Måned siden
I was expecting to see a P1, disappointing.....
Rewi Napier
Rewi Napier - Måned siden
What is the model code, which should be on a plate next to left front strut tower. If it’s a JDM model it should read GC8E2DD. WRX Type R STi V4, they came with DCCD, (drivers control centre diff) couldn’t see any evidence of this. So if it hasn’t got that then you have a watered down version of the 2nd most special version, also came with a close ratio gear box. They were homologated models.
Jason Witkop
Jason Witkop - Måned siden
What hurts was watching this the night it was posted, being the same night I watched my 1998 impreza coupe getting taken away by its new owner, but still happy to see it on the show looking forward to what comes next!
Caley Steyaert
Caley Steyaert - Måned siden
There's a button under the steering column for that.
Marco not on facebook
Marco not on facebook - Måned siden
Still: ugly car - hideous interior. Even it drives very good. (but: no offense - everyone is entitled to his/her opinion).
Stian Hagan
Stian Hagan - Måned siden
I just sold mine 4 weeks ago.. Been waiting for Mcm to buy one for ages :(
ERamos1993 - Måned siden
technically its Marty's second two door Subaru after the Subaru Ute lol
Jared Farney
Jared Farney - Måned siden
CarProductsTested - Måned siden
There were a ton of 4-door WRX STi’s imported here in the UK, and they were always rated at 280 - 300bhp. Definitely not the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ power limit. No manufacturer really stuck to that anyway. On paper, yes, under the bonnet, heck no. The other special 2-door that was maybe only made for the UK market was the WRX STi P1, by ProDrive who did the WRC team cars. Awesome machines.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - Måned siden
"I dont know if it looks good on your civic" gave me a chuckle. Poor Hondas always get shade.
Wilson Oberholzer
Wilson Oberholzer - Måned siden
This is why Marty wouldn't do an AWD setup in 2SEXY, he'd just end up with an inferior wannabe version of this.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin - Måned siden
hey say HP not kw
darthvincor - Måned siden
So much excitement for something that looks like a Pintara with a spoiler. :D
marcooconnor - Måned siden
Another Australian with a original... Damn i feel sorry for you guys. Up until the early 2000 your only choice of fast cars were Australian or Japanese, and that was limited to about 5-6 models.
Andrew meer
Andrew meer - Måned siden
There was a guy at my highschool in South Africa that got one of these as his first car, he crashed it and wrote it off within 6 months
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Måned siden
"its really tight" "its got a good box in it"
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - Måned siden
There are tons of those in nz, they are called the type R. I really like them but I prefer the sti ra. Still a very rad car
André Klooster
André Klooster - Måned siden
it looks brand spankin' new ..
Canilash - Måned siden
Wait what? An STI with no rattle inside? Unbelievable! Then again, they creak and rattle way more at -20C with the plastics shrinking.
555jaybo - Måned siden
what about the P1?
Shelby Shum
Shelby Shum - Måned siden
... Can you remove that immobilizer?
Timothy Bird
Timothy Bird - Måned siden
I've got a similar alarm system in my Bugeye WRX Wagon. The code switch dies after a few years, they're cheap metal domes that fatigue and break.
What's even better is taking it to a garage and explaining how the system works. You can guarantee that 10 minutes later the alarm will be going off and you'll have to go back and sort it out. It does make MOT's very fun.
Justin Patton
Justin Patton - Måned siden
oooh im jealous! i wish we could have gotten the turbo'd ones here in america. ive got a 2.5rs and i love it! 2001, rare all leather interior, but unfortunately we salt our roads here.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - Måned siden
I’m really hoping this is Martys version of the Datsun and they go all out with it
Luke Clarke
Luke Clarke - Måned siden
Hahaha now that's gold
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - Måned siden
Hail all Subies
stubbk3 - Måned siden
are these two cars keepers though
Mika Lind
Mika Lind - Måned siden
MCM look at Subarus like I look at pie, nursing a semi and salivating by the mouth 😎
Wilson Glaze
Wilson Glaze - Måned siden
Bruh just roll the fenders or get a different tire. Don’t raise it. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Crash DK
Crash DK - Måned siden
hey say HP not kw
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - Måned siden
"I dont know if it looks good on your civic" gave me a chuckle. Poor Hondas always get shade.
Caped Caper
Caped Caper - Måned siden
First rule of owning a Subaru: acknowledge your car will break and not work right after you buy it. Second rule: understand how much money you're going to spend on fixing and rebuilding on a weekly basis.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - Måned siden
So when are you working on the March
Grongle Doon
Grongle Doon - Måned siden
This warms my heart. Best car on mighty car mods! Yay! Gc8!!!!!!!!!!
doliio volay
doliio volay - Måned siden
Fucken mint
JJ - Måned siden
STI type-r?
doliio volay
doliio volay - Måned siden
So when are you working on the March
Skulldugs KSE
Skulldugs KSE - Måned siden
There are tons of those in nz, they are called the type R. I really like them but I prefer the sti ra. Still a very rad car
BIGTYME PUNTER - Måned siden
Nice cars I had couple wrx and couple evo cars but when you purchase GTR these cars our like 🛒
Mr.Mister - Måned siden
Absolutely timeless styling on those old 90's cars. Incredible.